We’re here to talk about you, not us!

Our reason for being is to power your point, so let’s start by asking a few questions…

Does your material force you to talk at rather than discuss with your audience?

Are you struggling to make what you do easy to understand for those you try explaining it to?

Have you created good content that’s just sitting there because you’ve already used it for the purpose it was designed for?

If so, you might like to read on…

Engaging with your audience is what we all strive for…

You’ve made the investment in creating your offering but when you get the opportunity to bring it to life with someone you’d like to influence, many companies make the mistake of thinking ‘we just need a few slides’. How much time, money and energy has been spent, for it all to be wasted on a poor presentation?

Making your message memorable

Don’t let your presentation let you down

How you tell your story is what will differentiate you from your competitors and make a lasting impression on your audience. Here at Presentify, we’ll help you design an engaging presentation that conveys your message clearly and consistently, connects with your audience, and just as importantly, achieves your objectives.

Standing out from the crowd

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

As your one real opportunity to introduce your brand and stand out from the crowd, we believe that your presentation should be so much more than a set of bullet points – and we can help you achieve that!

Presenting your story in the right style

Engaging storytelling, optimum design format, and the tools and skills to deliver it

Presentify’s ‘service stack’ offering provides complete flexibility to develop or re-purpose content to create the solution for your needs. As we develop everything in PowerPoint, it is easy for you to use and maintain.

Presentify service stack

App/software simulation
Conference/key note
Corporate template
Exhibition stand
Slide refresh

Social media
Video cards

Presentation skills

The process


We’ll ask you questions and carefully listen to your answers to help identify your objectives and audience personas to tailor your story to your specific requirements.


We’re a team of master storytellers, and in our storyboarding phase we will structure your message with consistency and clarity. We’ll help you tell your story in a meaningful way that matters to your audience and is true to your brand.

Creative Development

Here’s where the magic happens – our design team takes any brand guidelines and creatively transforms the storyboard into the finished project to captivate your audience.

Portfolio examples

Our lovely clients include

“As an established and successful business, Rituala had aspirations to move into new client sectors. To achieve this, Presentify helped us develop a clear and concise message which was then transformed into an excellent presentation toolkit tailored specifically for new client sectors.”


“One experienced salesman had this to say: “The presentation has gone down really well! I’ve been in corporate performance management longer than most, and have seen a lot of presentations trying to depict the nightmare of spreadsheets that clients have to deal with. This presentation is the best one I have ever seen!””


“We engaged with Presentify to create a corporate presentation, which was also adapted as a looping video for our corporate headquarters. They also put together a video for our exhibition stand at ICE Totally Gaming 2017, which resulted in numerous sales leads. We are continuing to work with Presentify to get ready for our other 2017 events.”


“Our core product is a powerful and multifaceted application, and our challenge was to clearly articulate that in our presentation material. Presentify helped us streamline our approach, getting us to focus on explaining our product in accessible language, while retaining the complexity and reliability that our clients look for.”


“We asked Presentify to design a presentation that would serve as a comprehensive overview of our business worldwide. They delivered a dynamic and engaging presentation with which we can visually demonstrate how many Alternative Payment Methods we have in any given country, really helping our prospects to see the full extent of our business operations. Our sales team really enjoy using it and we’ve had some brilliant feedback from our partners on it. Thank you, Presentify!” 


Power up your presentation today

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List of things that are easy:

  • Finding hilarious cat pictures online
  • Making a cup of tea
  • Daydreaming about your next holiday

List of things that are hard:

  • Hitting the high notes in ‘Take On Me’
  • Eating ‘just one’ chocolate digestive
  • Planning and giving the perfect presentation
Interactive booklet

What would you say if we could turn at least one of those hard things into an easy thing? *
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